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Looking for that perfect home design?

How to Plan a Cottage

Start with your family, then consider home design.


Ask yourselves, “What makes a perfect day for us?”


Are we entertainers? Adventurers? What about water sports?

What little personal touches mean ‘home’ to us?

Where do we go for a little quiet time?


CedarCoast asks, ‘What happens if it rains on your perfect day?’ Rain, acts of nature and other unintended facts of life should be part of every cottage planning process. What your family does when it rains is an indicator of the functionality, or fit, of your prospective home design.

If fun, relaxation and togetherness is what you’re after, consider what family gatherings might look like in ten years… or twenty!

Your children could be grown up and living independently. Perhaps they’ll have kids of their own. Wow. Tough to figure…? Will your cottage be newborn and toddler friendly? Ask yourselves if just getting through the front door with strollers, groceries, the family pet and perhaps a senior parent or two will become an ‘issue’. 

How you plan for these and other eventualities can determine how often the cottage is visited. The new home should be able to welcome, and continue to accommodate, everyone in your extended family.

Will the home display the stories and character of the family? Sometimes just visiting becomes a shared experience of cherished memories and values passing from one generation to another. Some shared dreams may hinge on recreating a perfect beach day from years past.

Maybe the cozy cottage today is destined to emerge as your ideal retirement home tomorrow.

Many of these meandering goals can be smoothly blended into that perfect home design by embracing CedarCoast’s all-inclusive design approach. We know the effects of current decisions may compromise planning that’s already in place. What happens when a larger fridge moves in… and inexplicably, there’s less room for the fireplace?

Our experience in dealing with unforeseen design ramifications allows us to rethink plans quickly, to realize the effects of each decision in real time. Easy conversations grow into an agile collaboration, between customers and the expert design and build teams at CedarCoast.

Please note these dreams and ideas do not spring naturally from generic, predated floor plans! Now, most people love the experience of looking at house plans. See them as potential blueprints of your family’s favourite activities! It’s important to note how the flow of rooms and views contributes to your family’s perfect day. Is it difficult to imagine fun and relaxation as your eyes glaze over boxes, room dimensions and diagrams?

At CedarCoast, we start with family. We listen to all your hopes, dreams and activities. Together we plan the ideal home to bring those dreams to life.

When the design experts at CedarCoast first meet new customers, one message stands out loud and clear.

Everyone wants to live in their new home forever.

It starts with the simple act of getting everyone in the door. So, the fewer the stairs the better. Doors are wide, hallways too. You might want to walk two by two, arm in arm someday. Then again, you might just achieve real peace in spaces specifically designed for relaxation, areas tucked away to encourage quiet reading and reflection. You might want to see your favourite view on full display – through unobstructed windows -every time you open the front door.

You might enjoy that ‘Just say Ahhh…’ moment when you realize once again why you planned it all this way in the first place. Any number of considerations may arise and be addressed – if we stop at the beginning to ask for help from an experienced, creative partner. Enter CedarCoast.


How to approach the design of your new cottage?

Gather your thoughts and dreams together

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