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See you in September.

Muskoka Custom Cottage Builder

After a spectacular summer … September brings thoughts of going ‘home’.

Many take the hint and decamp. But our home, designed with every season in mind, carries us through. We sought out Muskoka custom home builder CedarCoast to design a home for all seasons. We’re thinking September might be something special this year!

While sunny days may still bring the simmering heat it takes to swim September nights tend to chill. Campfires give way to cozy fireplaces, barbeques to perfectly modern kitchens and parties on decks come inside to view sunsets through picture windows specifically designed to appreciate our piece of sky.

Our family chose this view. We designed this home not just for every season, but for every year. For toddlers and our grand old folks, both strollers and walkers, visitors of every kind, in the best of shape, or not. Our home takes care of the kid’s wet swimming gear just as easily as it will care for Dad’s snowy boots.

Ever try to get into the house with kids, a stroller, grocery bags, backpacks… and the family dog in tow? We thought about making entry easy when we designed our wide doorways and smooth hallways, with the gracious, knowledgeable help from the CedarCoast Design Team, naturally.

Want to experience Muskoka’s beautiful Autumn, or stay ’til Christmas? If you can imagine your perfect day, or your perfect Thanksgiving… you can design your family’s new CedarCoast home. Let’s start with downloading the SMARTPLAN. Or get personal, call or email Bert today!

Among custom home builders, CedarCoast Timber Homes is unique.