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The Multi-Generation Approach.

Planning a new home? It’s no easy task. People are living longer. The traditional family hug may now stretch to embrace four generations.

Picture this: Mom maneuvering baby’s stroller at the front hall; Toddlers on tricycles racing down the paths; Grandparents, even Great-grandparents moving through the kitchen on canes and walkers. Today, CedarCoast builds homes that welcome everyone.

When your family first meets Bert, Pat and the rest of the CedarCoast design team, some principles become crystal clear. Most purchasers want to live in their home forever. No one wants to think of challenges, of times of ill health, of visiting friends or family members in times of stress, but ‘that’s life,’ as the song goes.

Here’s how we plan for the actualities of everyday living, not as a safeguard against the future, but as an integral part of good, accessible home design.

WIDE We plan the views around our CedarCoast homes to be large-scale and inviting. This same spirit of easy access demands level entrances, smooth driveways and unhindered paths. There are no stairs, no ramps and no stops. The lack of steps is incorporated smoothly into the curb appeal. This easy walk is planned right through to the rear yard, barrier free from the front to the back. Everything slopes beautifully and flows naturally. Again there are neither ridges nor steps. Features like these help mitigate the future’s inevitable bumps in the road.

OPEN Frank, wide-ranging discussions often lead to surprisingly helpful details: lower handles, easy-access cabinets and handy drawers. Big doors that swing wide open, so people can walk side by side through every part of the house. Accessible showers, spacious hallways, even canine-friendly mud rooms will help your family – and your dripping family dog – through every rainy day. A frequent CedarCoast question is ‘What’s your family doing when it’s raining at the cottage?’ We may ask as well, ‘What activities do we take for granted living year around in the home?’

DESIGN Building a thoroughly modern timber home relies on techniques, equipment and environmental strategies unheard of even a few years ago. Ideas frequently start with the CedarCoast knack of turning customer families into friends through purposeful conversations. Our SmartPlan experience turns families from dreamers into key holders. It is never intrusive, but we do manage to learn about both big intentions and tiny details that go into making your new home right for everyone.

Our multigenerational approach brings timeless benefits for everyone. Begin to plan now. Download the CedarCoast SmartPlan.

Among custom home builders, CedarCoast Timber Homes is unique.