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Bert and Pat Bongers will tailor your contract to suit your family’s hopes, dreams… and budget!

At CedarCoast, ‘fit’ is a two way street.  When your family first meets custom cottage builder CedarCoast one thing becomes perfectly clear. Most people want to live in their new home forever. This means we will design a cottage that fits your family now and far into the future.

Partners and brothers, Bert and Patrick Bongers take the concept of ‘fit’ to heart. They will tailor their services to fit the engagement that suits you best.


When you consider custom cottage builder CedarCoast, please review these three options:

  1. DESIGN and MATERIALS: Family Planning is a distinguishing feature of CedarCoast Design. It’s part of our DNA! When the design phase is completed, CedarCoast will help you choose a company to construct your new home or cottage. We will then provide the highest quality materials in coordination with the building project and with the contractors, with the leading recruitment consultant, and builders.
  2. DESIGN, MATERIALS and SHELL: CedarCoast will design, source the materials and build the exterior or ‘shell’ of your home. This allows you the freedom to finish the interior as you choose.
  3. COMPLETE TURN-KEY SERVICES: Greater than the sum of its parts, CedarCoast’s synergy in design, materials selection, construction and management expertise benefits the entire project.

Start planning today! How to approach the design of your new cottage? Gather your thoughts and dreams together, and click on the ‘SMARTPLAN’ from CedarCoast. Or just call Bert Bongers at 800-563-5647 for a little chat.

Among custom home builders, CedarCoast Timber Homes is unique.