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Are you planning a new home or cottage?

Families love custom home builder CedarCoast!

When people consider a new home or cottage, the conversation quickly becomes a family affair.

A whirlwind of questions inevitably comes to mind. How do we plan for everyone? How can we envision what our family members will want or need? How do we anticipate what’s coming down the road? When families first meet the CedarCoast Design Team, one thing quickly becomes crystal clear. Most families want to live in their new timber home forever. How do we plan for that?

CedarCoast doors swing wide open, welcoming all. Expanded hallways and entrances invite people to walk side by side. We envision a mother’s struggle at her front door with a toddler, the obligatory stroller, throw in a briefcase or a shopping bag… or two. Even a small step up into a utility room can hinder or even trip the unsuspecting visitor, putting the lie to ‘easy access’. Bringing in the family dog on a rainy day? You may experience wet chaos just getting into your home. Planning for daily occurrences in today’s multigenerational homes is part of our family friendly design rationale.


Nowadays, the family hug can reach around four generations. The young mother’s scenario at the front door fits those at one end of the spectrum. With grandparents and even greatgrandparents, uncles and aunts eager to remain in their home or visit yours, we face remarkably similar issues. Substitute canes and walkers for strollers, and simply living in the average home can present steep challenges. CedarCoast considers it all, not to guard against the future, but as a necessary element to modern home design.

Consider real life not as a perfect picture, but as a vision that quite naturally includes accidents, illness and aging. Frank, wide-ranging discussions often lead to surprisingly helpful details: lower handles, easy-access wash rooms, where everything in the home is handy to all, all the time.

Imagine inviting close friends over for an afternoon, or a week at the cottage. The same spirit of easy entry demands level entrances, unhindered exits and free, easy approach to the car, garage and driveway. The lack of steps is worked in smoothy, without visible ramps, without announcing ‘wheelchair’ to those passing by. This easy walk through continues right through the entire house. Outside, the back yard slopes beautifully and flat paths flow naturally. Features like these help anticipate a family’s inevitable bumps in the road.


Today, home design relies on an understanding and acceptance of modern family living and on techniques, equipment and environmental strategies unheard of even a few years ago. Ideas frequently start with the CedarCoast knack of turning customer families into friends through easy but well guided conversations. Our SMARTPLAN process helps families discuss eventualities and puts the path to your future on solid footing. It is never intrusive, but we do manage to learn both of big family intentions and of the myriad of small details that go into planning of your new home.



Among custom home builders, CedarCoast Timber Homes is unique.