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Family Planning

Family Planning

Are you planning a new home or cottage?

Families love custom home builder CedarCoast!

When people consider a new home or cottage, the conversation quickly becomes a family affair.

A whirlwind of questions inevitably comes to mind. How do we plan for everyone? How can we envision what our family members will want or need? How do we anticipate what’s coming down the road? When families first meet the CedarCoast Design Team, one thing quickly becomes crystal clear. Most families want to live in their new timber home forever. How do we plan for that?

CedarCoast doors swing wide open, welcoming all. Expanded hallways and entrances invite people to walk side by side. We envision a mother’s struggle at her front door with a toddler, the obligatory stroller, throw in a briefcase or a shopping bag… or two. Even a small step up into a utility room can hinder or even trip the unsuspecting visitor, putting the lie to ‘easy access’. Bringing in the family dog on a rainy day? You may experience wet chaos just getting into your home. Planning for daily occurrences in today’s multigenerational homes is part of our family friendly design rationale.


Nowadays, the family hug can reach around four generations. The young mother’s scenario at the front door fits those at one end of the spectrum. With grandparents and even greatgrandparents, uncles and aunts eager to remain in their home or visit yours, we face remarkably similar issues. Substitute canes and walkers for strollers, and simply living in the average home can present steep challenges. CedarCoast considers it all, not to guard against the future, but as a necessary element to modern home design.

Consider real life not as a perfect picture, but as a vision that quite naturally includes accidents, illness and aging. Frank, wide-ranging discussions often lead to surprisingly helpful details: lower handles, easy-access wash rooms, where everything in the home is handy to all, all the time.

Imagine inviting close friends over for an afternoon, or a week at the cottage. The same spirit of easy entry demands level entrances, unhindered exits and free, easy approach to the car, garage and driveway. The lack of steps is worked in smoothy, without visible ramps, without announcing ‘wheelchair’ to those passing by. This easy walk through continues right through the entire house. Outside, the back yard slopes beautifully and flat paths flow naturally. Features like these help anticipate a family’s inevitable bumps in the road.


Today, home design relies on an understanding and acceptance of modern family living and on techniques, equipment and environmental strategies unheard of even a few years ago. Ideas frequently start with the CedarCoast knack of turning customer families into friends through easy but well guided conversations. Our SMARTPLAN process helps families discuss eventualities and puts the path to your future on solid footing. It is never intrusive, but we do manage to learn both of big family intentions and of the myriad of small details that go into planning of your new home.



Among custom home builders, CedarCoast Timber Homes is unique.

CedarCoast’s Guide to the 2016 Spring Cottage Life Show

CedarCoast’s Guide to the 2016 Spring Cottage Life Show

With the thaw of winter comes the Spring Cottage Life Show taking place at The International Centre in Mississauga from April 1st – 3rd. This is your one-stop-shop for all your cottage design, planning and dock-side needs.

The International Centre will be bustling with over 550 exhibitors consisting of builders, designers, contractors, interior décor, food and entertaining and much more. There are over 5,000 free parking spaces at The International Centre, but as the old saying goes the early bird gets the worm.

CedarCoast has been an exhibitor at Cottage Life Shows for over 20 years. With this experience we would like to provide a few helpful tips.

  1. Create a Plan of Attack

Before heading to the show discuss the needs and wants of your Cottage Life Show mission with the family. Create a mental or physical list of all the elements you would like to learn about (i.e. dock, interior décor, water sports, BBQ etc.) If your visit to the show is brief only stop at exhibitors that meet the criteria on your plan of attack. The show will be a booming metropolis, try to come early and beat the crowds. To create a diverse experience the show disperses similar exhibitors throughout the venue. Follow the link below for show information and exhibitor directory.

2016 Spring Cottage Life Show Information

  1. Come with an Open Mind

As your design develops you are also creating a mental image of the end result. You imagine relaxing in a well crafted Muskoka Chair on your new dock, or rainy day board games on your stunning live-edge dining table. Whatever it is, we are sure it’s amazing. Before applying the final touches please remember there will be over 550 exhibitors. Come with an open mind and you never know what might spark your interest.

  1. Get to know your Exhibitors

Leave enough time to adequately engage with exhibitors. The longer you spend talking, the more you will understand each other. No question is too big or too small. Each exhibitor will be delighted at the opportunity to discuss their service and/or product with you. Even if that exhibitor is not exactly what you are looking for, they might be able to steer you in the right direction.

What’s really important is that you come to the show and have fun. Bring the kids to the Family Activity Centre, or get some outdoor entertaining ideas from the Cottage Kitchen. After all that fun enjoy a tasty Muskoka lager at The Dock Party, where drink tickets benefit the Cottage Dreams Cancer Recovery Initiative.

See you there,


Cottage Fireplaces

Every fireplace is a unique, central feature to every cottage. Families gather around, telling stories and relaxing by their warmth. Here are some of the fireplaces we’ve built for our clients over the years.

Let us know your ideas for designing and building a beautiful fireplace in your custom cottage.

Cottage Kitchen Gallery

Your kitchen is the central hub of your cottage. Here are some beautiful kitchens that we’ve created for our clients.

Talk to us about creating dream kitchen in your customized timber frame or log style cottage.

HD Infrared Security Cameras

HD Infrared Security Cameras

SECURITY AT THE COTTAGE is no longer just a stand-alone system, as now it can be integrated into other information systems that cottagers appreciate having. The ability to check in on the cottage inside and out and view images and video provides peace of mind and quite frankly, is just fun.

For many of our clients, CedarCoast also integrates information systems such as heat control and monitoring. These systems provide information such as the status of inside and outside temperatures or temperatures in a specific areas like the wine cellar or mechanical room. Alarm controls are also built into each of the alarm systems in Perth, letting the client or their monitoring company know if there are temperature fluctuations or the presence of water or moisture in key areas.

Above is a photograph of a camera that we are currently installing in a Lake Muskoka cottage near Port Carling. We have teamed up with Murat Ozogul of Security & Electronic Solutions and Locksmith West Palm Beach – Home Auto Business – to specify a total of 5 cameras for this project. Key areas of the property can be monitored such as all entrance doors, the driveway, the dock and the garage. Our clients often say, “It is fun to be able to be at the office or anywhere in the world and log into the computer to see if the dock bubbler is working well, what the weather is or to see if the leaves are turning colour.”

HD Infrared Security Cameras for CedarCoast cottage in Port Carling

The camera shown in the photo is from N-Patrol and is a high definition, infrared, SDI (serial digital interface) camera. This camera takes very clear, high definition video even at night! And because it is a closed system using a DVR for 24 hour recording, it does not bog down the home network system. Unlike many systems that run all camera data through the CAT5 cabling using the computer and internet systems, it has dedicated circuitry using coaxial cabling recording directly to the dedicated DVR. Only when the homeowner wants to view the cameras live or look back at any previous recording does the internet system need to be used.

For more information on any of these systems, contact CedarCoast Timber Homes and view their website at www.cedarcoasthomes.com

You can also check out  http://www.cedia.net/which is the website for Custom Electronic Design Installation Association for more information on security as well as home automation systems.

PATRICK’S ROLE AT CEDARCOAST is project leader and he is instrumental in building design and specifications. Patrick’s expertise extends to the Energy Star™ program and how it can be incorporated into your home. Patrick is a graduate of Ryerson University and has continued to upgrade skills related to energy efficient building techniques and methods as well as building science and ‘green’ technologies.