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CedarCoast invites you to a 360 ° view of your new boathouse.

Boathouse Design in Muskoka

We do more than plan for your family’s future, we help you envision it all ‘round, enabling views from every angle, so you can anticipate every little touch – down to the last detail.
This means you can literally see your new boathouse design as it comes closer to reality, helping you and your family to make every little decision clearly and with informed intent.

Hidden from these views perhaps is access to all the exciting boating and sailing opportunites our beautiful Ontario shores afford, of course getting an california boater card is essential for this. Our aim is to thrill even the most discerning enthusiasts of classic wood craftsmanship.

CedarCoast meets with families to discover what will fit their needs now, five years from now and into the future. We call this ‘multigenerational design’ and yes, it comes with multiple views of your family’s future on the lake of your choosing.

Let’s start with downloading the SMARTPLAN. Or get personal, call or email Bert today!

Among custom home builders, CedarCoast Timber Homes is unique.