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Wish every day was a sunny day at the family cottage?

On a spectacular day in June, every family cottage is perfect. Every day is a celebration. Sunny days are wonderful here in summer, on the lakes, under the blue skies of Canada. Isn’t this what having a family cottage is all about?

On a rainy day however, families have to make their own kind of fun. Rainy day fun. So let’s do a little family planning, CedarCoast style.

Every CedarCoast cottage is designed precisely for rainy, snowy and yes, even for the sunniest of days. That’s because we build our plans around your plans, and we design our homes around your family.

Bert and Patrick Bongers,, brothers and partners in CedarCoast, ask in the beginning “What’s your family’s version of fun, relaxation and adventure?” Is there a budding chef, a young reader, or a tub-in-the-timbers soaker?

We build smart, forward- thinking family homes. Energy efficient, green built and free spirited homes. We design homes to fit every family member, from toddlers right on up.

So when it rains in July or snows suddenly in October everyone continues to feel right, at home. Let’s start with downloading the SMARTPLAN. If you share this vision and would like to explore your own family friendly version, expressed in natural woods of course, give Bert a call. The number is right at the top of this page.

Among custom home builders, CedarCoast Timber Homes is unique.